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Teaching Business English - Chicago

Course Duration: 10AM - 4PM  | Tuition: $99Contact an Advisor  | Enroll Now

A large portion of adult TEFL courses the world over will include at least a significant element of explicit Business English instruction.  You may even get to teach a stand-alone Business English class.  Either way, knowing how Business English functions and how to teach it is very important if you are planning on teaching adults.  Since English is an international language, there are many versions or "dialects" of Business English.  Although the differences are not deeply profound, it will be important for you to identify which dialect will be most useful to your students.  This course will focus on American Business English as the other dialects tend to be based in large part on it.  You will learn about this dialect, the culture behind it, and how to teach it to adults.  Modules will cover strategies specific to teaching adult professionals, teaching the Language of American Business English and the facets of Teaching American Business English including written and spoken Business English communication.

Course Outline

We have developed the Teaching Business English Seminar in response to the student requests and feedback. Students of this course will attain a new skill set for how to teach English to business professional English Language Learners (ELL). These skills will prove invaluable to TEFL Institute students, whether they are interested in teaching in Latin America, Asia or Europe.

Module 1: Teaching Adults American Business Culture

    • Adult, Professional English Language Learners
    • American Business Culture
    • Sample Lesson Plan - Teaching American Business Culture

Module 2: The Language of American Business English

    • The Syntax of American Business English
    • Sample Lesson Plan - Teaching Business English
    • Grammar Instruction in American Business English
    • Sample Lesson Plan - Teaching Business Grammar

Module 3: Facets of Teaching Business English

    • Written Business English Communication
    • Sample Lesson Plan - Writing a Business Email
    • Spoken English Communication
    • Sample Lesson Plan - Conducting a Job Interview
    • Sample Lesson Plan - Conducting a Press Conference

It is recommended that students either already have their TEFL training or are well into their TEFL training before taking this course.  Get in touch with a TEFL Institute advisor to discuss the best time to enroll in this seminar.

Course Duration

This seminar meets from 10AM - 4PM on the following Saturdays:

  • Feb 15, 2014
  • Jun 28, 2014
  • Aug 23, 2014
  • Dec 13, 2014


Regular Price $99 | Discount Price $79 (available for alumni or when you register for any TEFL certification course)

Please note: Contact an advisor to learn more about the discount


Each Chicago course is led by two instructors, each of whom has at least a Master's degree and over five years of TEFL teaching experience. Class size is limited to 14 students for optimal learning and interaction.


TEFL Institute’s Chicago school is located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood at the corner of Irving Park Rd. and Wolcott Ave., just one block west of the Irving Park Brown Line Station. Free parking is readily available in the neighborhood. Restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars are all within walking distance.  The facility features two classrooms, a computer lab, and a kitchenette, and is equipped with whiteboards, a video projector, a video recorder, free Wi-Fi, and a library of ESL books and resource materials.

About Chicago, IL

Chicago, the third largest city in the US, offers world-class cuisine, architecture, museums, sports, shopping, cultural attractions, and more.

Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicagoans enjoy boating and swimming in the lake during the summer, as well as biking, running, and rollerblading down the scenic Lake Shore Path year round.

Blues, Jazz, and Gospel have firm roots in Chicago, and you can still hear these soulful genres performed today at clubs and festivals. Chicago is also home to many theatres, where you can enjoy Broadway musicals, dramatic theater, improvisational sketches, comedy routines, and much more.

Whether your interests lie in exploring the different neighborhoods, going to free outdoor concerts at Millennium Park, or catching a Cubs game, Chicago offers something for everyone.

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