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Teaching English Abroad

Experience Real Life Overseas

Have you ever considered living abroad? Teaching English is a great way to live in another part of the world and experience the culture as the locals do. You'll have the opportunity to experience the world first hand, not just as an observer. And best of all, you’ll get paid to be there!

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification is an internationally recognized certification for native or fluent speakers to teach English in non-native English speaking countries. For example, TEFL is taught in Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand, and other countries with official languages other than English. The TEFL Certificate is your ticket to living and working abroad!

How TEFL Institute Will Get You There

At TEFL Institute, we don’t just certify you to teach abroad—we guide you through the entire process from the moment you start your course to the moment you begin teaching. Whether you take our part-time 150-hour Online Professional TEFL Course, any of our fulltime International TEFL Courses, or a part-time TEFL Standard Course, we make sure you are fully prepared for your time overseas. All of our courses include support from our expert student services department, as well as free lifetime placement assistance. Ready to find out more about the TEFL Institute?

Request More Information!

Fill out the form to the left to get started!  You will receive:

  • TEFL Institute Brochure describing the world English teaching market, interviewing process and types of TEFL courses available.
  • International Country Chart providing basic information about teaching English in the most common nations, including typical wages, hiring cycles, educational requirements, visas and hiring procedures.
  • Online Class Guest Login to see for yourself how TEFL Institute provides online class training on the web platform used by most US universities.
  • Links to our TEFL Class Curriculum and Syllabus
  • A TEFL Advisor to speak with you about our TEFL certification courses and the opportunities to teach abroad.  Our TEFL Advisors have lived, worked and traveled to over 70 countries and are available to help map out your opportunities to teach English around the world.


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Our Students*

Wondering what a typical TEFL Institute student looks like? You might be surprised!

  • Age: our students range in age from 18-80
  • Gender: 55% are women and 45% are men
  • Level of Education:
    • 90% have a 4-year degree or the equivalent
    • 5% have less than a 4-year degree
    • 5% have an advanced degree (Masters, PhD, JD, MBA)
  • Nationality: our students are native English speakers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa; and other non-native English speakers are considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Overseas experience: 80% of our students have never traveled abroad
  • Previous teaching experience:  25% of our TEFL students have previous teaching experience or a background in education

Huge Demand for Native English Teachers

Every major city in the developed and developing world has a need for English language teachers. Most large cities have between 30 and 100+ private language schools in addition to the public schools. Each private language school may employ between 10-50 English teachers. There are an estimated 40,000 language schools employing over 300,000 native English teachers worldwide.

Most contracts run from 6-12 months, at which point approximately 50% of teachers return home or continue to a new job. This means every 6-12 months up to 300,000 positions are available. Each country has its unique hiring seasons for the immense turnover of teaching positions. Finding employment is a simple process; interview in advance over the phone or interview in person in the country during the hiring season depending on the market preference.

Check out our Country Chart for an in-depth look at these hiring cycles, salaries, benefits, and educational requirements for the most popular countries worldwide. 

Why They Want You

It’s simple: People want to learn real English from real English speakers. English is an asset more than ever before, and people around the world are bettering their skills with the hope that it will improve their job and career outlooks. In Japan alone, over five million adults regularly take EFL classes in an effort to improve their career prospects.

Education ministries all over the world include English in their elementary, middle, and high school curricula, with the hope that it will prepare the youth of their countries for international careers, trade, and cooperation. English is also an important subject at the post-high school level and is widely taught in universities, colleges and vocational schools.

Of course, not all English language school students study for work-related reasons. Some want to access English language movies, TV programs, magazines, newspapers, and books. Others want to use English when they travel abroad on vacation, either to English-speaking countries or to other foreign countries.

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Who You Will Teach

People of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of English ability enroll in English classes. Who you teach largely depends on the type of position you hold. For example, you could be an assistant language teacher (ALT) in a middle school in Korea, a teacher at an English kindergarten in Thailand, a business English teacher in Argentina, or a freelance tutor for adults in Spain.

Teaching Adults: Adults often need English for business purposes. For many professionals it is a necessity to speak, read, and write in English for career advancement. Even in countries where English is taught beginning in primary school, many adults need refresher courses, especially with spoken English. When teaching adults, you could pursue the following paths:

Private Language Institutes: Language schools cater to individual adults attending language classes during off business hours. Adult students take classes before and after work and on the weekends. Classes are often 45 – 60 minutes.

Contract Business English: Many foreign companies provide English classes for their employees. In these cases, they contract teachers through a 3rd-party companies. The companies send their English teachers to the clients’ offices to give language classes during the workday. Classes are typically 45 – 90 minutes long.

Private Tutoring: Many people tutor privately either in their free time for extra money or even as fulltime freelance employment. This works best for people who have already established themselves.

Teaching Youth: Very young children are often enrolled in English classes by their parents to make them feel comfortable around English. School-aged children take English courses both in school and after school to augment their education. When teaching youth, you could work in any of the following sectors:

Private Language Institutes: Private English language schools are a huge industry in Asia. They range in set-up from English-language kindergartens to intensive test prep courses. Private school teachers are responsible for their own classes. Class size can range from 1-25 students and ages range from 0-18. Most private schools expect their teachers to teach a set curriculum, though teachers can instruct the material as they see fit.

Public Schools: Public school systems in many countries hire native English speakers as assistant language teachers (ALTs) to assist the primary English teachers. ALTs are typically expected to be at the school during the entire school day and sometimes run after-school English clubs as well.

Universities: For more qualified and experienced TEFL teachers, university teaching jobs offer prestige and a very comfortable lifestyle. Teachers typically have an advance degree or several years English-teaching experience.

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TEFL Institute’s Job Placement Assistance

We provide free lifetime placement assistance to all of our graduates. This includes advising you on where to teach, how to get there, how to apply and interview for jobs, and relocation advice. As a TEFL Institute alumnus, you will receive notification of special employment offers through our preferred schools. You will also get access to job boards and contact information for schools around the world. This assistance never expires. Even if you have used our job placement assistance before you can still contact us for the same great support. Our graduates receive the following:

ESL job search manual: Step-by-step instructions on creating your international resume and cover letter, information about hiring cycles and interview questions.

ESL worldwide school directory: We will forward you a directory of approximately 8,000 schools worldwide that you can contact for job openings. Many positions, particularly in Latin America, are not listed anywhere online, so having the school's contact information gives you a jump on the competition.

Real Staff People: We have a team of five individuals who are available review your resumes, cover letters, offer letters, and give you their best advice on how to handle a foreign job interview.

Campus Visitation Teams: Our campus representative program allows us to visits college campuses to meet you face to face. We answer your questions, enroll you in your courses, and help you prepare to teach English abroad.

Referrals to preferred language school: TEFL Institute has relationships with schools in Europe, Asia, and Latin America that love our alumni! You will receive their contact information as well as any information we have regarding current job openings.

Job interviews assistance for International TEFL course participants: Our international course alumni receive on-the-ground job assistance, such as interview and job search help, from the course director. Teaching positions in Africa, India and Nepal are scarce for paid positions; most students go to these areas to volunteer. 

TEFL Teaching Experience: We have taught, lived, and traveled to over 80 countries. Chances are that there is someone on our staff who can assist you with preparing for your experience to live and work abroad.

FaceBook Pages: Over 3500 people have joined our FaceBook pages in less than nine months. They join to meet our alumni who are living and teaching English all over this globe. In addition, you ask questions of staff about our courses and even enroll.

Want to know more about the job search? Head over to our Job Search Tips page. Looking for information about resumes and interviews? Be sure to check out our International Resume Writing Guide. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for more answers.

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*TEFL Institute Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old and hold at least a GED or high school diploma to enroll. For non-native English speakers, while we can provide you with the same great certification, be aware that finding employment is much more difficult and that there are strict visa requirements for teaching worldwide. TEFL Institute cannot obtain visas on any student’s behalf. Please contact us for advice on your situation.







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